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Centrifugal Blower
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Blower Sizing and Selection

Blower Performance Map

  1. Multistage centrifugal blowers are categorized into different series. Each series has an inlet and outlet flange size, covering a flow range. All series make a full flow coverage ranging from tens of m3/min to over one thousand m3/min.
  2. For a specific series, each compression stage contributes to a limited amount of pressure rise, adding up to a total pressure rise of a multistage model. Each compression stage can be designed independently with different flow passage and aero performance.
  3. An established brand of multistage centrifugal blowers usually accommodates a complete product line with 10 series or so. Each series takes 2-11 stages, with different maximum stage number due to structural and rotordynamics constraints. The larger the blower size, the less stages. For each stage, impellers of different aero performance but the same assembly geometry can fit in, making a fine adjustment to the total performance of a blower. Apparently, a specific blower model is formed by a specific series, stage number, impeller, and even intersection of different design. Therefore, the combination is a huge number. By Chinfan¡¯s know-how calculation and assessment, over twenty thousand blower models are available from the above stated product line.
  4. Blowers are highly engineered products with a broad spectrum of applications and meet various jobsite conditions. Given job requirements, sizing and selecting a suitable blower model from a printed catalogue is an easy way but it has to be rough. First, selecting a model from a tens-of-thousand pool is not handy unless the pool is limited with hundreds of choices. Second, jobsite conditions and performance needs are varied and mixed to unlimited scenarios. Therefore, precise sizing must be done by the blower company.
  5. If you need a quote, please answer below questions and direct it to your sales contact or email to:  sales@chinfan.com

            1) Media: Air? (If not air,  please specify composition)
            2) VFD: Yes or No or Optional
            3) Ambient Pressure:  P0 = ? kPa.A  or  Altitude = ? m
            4) Inlet Pressure:  P1 = ? kPa.G
            5) Inlet Temperature:  T1 = ? ºC /F £¨Please specify temp range£©
            6) Outlet Pressure:  P2 = ? kPa.G 
            7) Inlet Flow:  Q1 = ? m3/min  (Please specify flow range, max ¨C design ¨C min)
                Please clarify normal or standard flow definition if applied:
                Nm3/min  (101.3 kPa.A, 20 ºC, 36% RH)  or  (101.3 kPa.A, 0 ºC, 0% RH)
            8) Other spec if necessary

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