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Centrifugal Blower
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¡¤Address£º    Building 24, Maqiao Industrial Square, Changshu Economic and Technological Development Zone
Jiangsu Province, China
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¡¤Phone£º 86-512-52010916
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Chinfan® Intelligent Multistage Centrifugal Blower

  •  World Leading Machine Efficiency
  •  Performance Verified by ASME PTC10 Test
  •  Hundreds of Installations, over 8 years reliable running
        Product Feature:
  1. New generation design for 50Hz market, world leading performance.
  2. CFD to optimize entire flow passage (not only impeller) plus proprietary stage matching and impeller mix know-how, aero efficiency improved by 10-20%.
  3. FEA and Rotordynamics computation to optimize structure and rotor design for low vibration, low noise, reliability, and easy maintenance.
  4. High load design to extend room to replace Roots blower and high speed single stage blower.
  5. Newly developed control technology CIC (Comprehensive Intelligence Control), leading to additional power saving by 5-10%.
  6. Direct drive, no matter VFD used or not,  no gears or belts.
  7. Oil free compression process, media not contaminated.
  8. Longer equipment life, low maintenance.
  9. Quiet running without sound enclosure,  < 83-95 dB(A) depending on motor size.
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